Your Story

If you have been separated from family members as a result of your immigration status, we want to help tell your story.

The FRP currently has two options for those interested in participating in the project:

  • FRP produced “VR Postcards.” The FRP will travel to your hometown and film a 360-degree video experience featuring your loved ones. This option is best for those unable to travel out of the country.

  • Beta lending program. The FRP is launching a platform to enable folks traveling with Advance Parole to create their own VR experiences. Our team will provide training and equipment for you to capture 360-video, and help guide you through the editing process.

We are always looking for new participants interested in sharing their stories with us. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

FRP production in Oaxaca, Mexico. July 2017.

FRP production in Oaxaca, Mexico. July 2017.